Jeamin Cha: Film Screening

Jeamin Cha

This event is free – no booking is required
Part of Meanwhile, What About Socialism? AV Festival 2018

Jeamin Cha presents a screening of five short films made between 2010 and 2014. Her work takes a critical perspective on society and politics, often focusing on labour issues and urban development. In Chroma-key and Labyrinth, Cha examines the notion of abstract labour, juxtaposing footage of the hands of a cable installation worker with footage of the same hands in front of a chroma-key set.

Fog and Smoke follows the last remaining fisherman in the old town as he drives across a construction site in South Korea, abandoned due to the global financial crisis. Autodidact narrates the conversation Cha had with Hur Youngchun, a man who taught himself forensic science in order to uncover the truth behind the death of his son, who died in 1984 while doing military service. It is not a question but a balloon stems from the artists research into controversial political figure Sukyung Lim, best known for illegally visiting North Korea in 1989.

Sat 3 March 2018


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