Leah Millar new commission

Leah Millar, Amber Films, Jack Common

Part of Meanwhile, What About Socialism? AV Festival 2018

In this new commission, artist and experimental filmmaker Leah Millar looks at marginalised land space bordering the River Tyne, exploring themes of trace, collective memory and social history through the post-industrial riverine landscape. Millar’s use of 16mm film as a physical and structural material, which bears a trace of the processes of its production, creates embodied synaesthetic connections to her subjects. This site-specific new work thinks through the collective meaning of subjectively authored documentary cinema, as it follows the flow of power and socio-economic change down Tyne’s river course.

In dialogue with her work, the artist has selected a programme of films, which have documented Tyneside industries and their impact on the local community since the Second World War.

Three short films are shown following the premiere of Millar’s new film, including Launch (1974) and Quayside (1979) by Amber Films collective, and Tyneside Story (1944) scripted by Jack Common.

Sat 17 March 2018

Free - No Booking Required

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