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Amber Films

Amber Films/Moving Films, 2015, 90 mins

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Amber’s Ellin Hare and Peter Roberts will be present for a Q&A session after the film.

For 45 years East Germany was ruled by a strict and secretive communist government, on the geographical edge but political heart of the Soviet bloc. In 1987, Amber Films gained unprecedented access to film everyday life inside the GDR – but only the side of life the state let them see. In this doc the crew return to the places and people they visited then, to see how their lives have changed and how they recall the “workers’ paradise”.

German reunification brought with it different things for different people. For those whose lives were shaped behind the iron curtain, such sudden political upheaval had a seismic impact for better or for worse. This insightful documentary explores the lives of ordinary citizens of the opaque German Democratic Republic, as well as how their lives and prospects have changed since.

Tue 6 March 2018

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