Title: Wills' Factory

Photographer: Isabella Jedrzejczyk

Writer: Ellin Hare

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Wills' Factory

Isabella Jedrzejczyk (Photographer), Ellin Hare (Writer)

Machinery leaving factory

The announcement was made on the Thursday and we had a half-day strike on the Friday. It was more of a gesture to show the management that we were unanimous in trying to fight it. It was a good idea because we did try to fight it. They got up all sorts of working parties and showed that this was one of the most efficient factories and that it was ludicrous to close this one down. They did try, the MPs were on our side for a while, the councils, and there was a lot of talk going on, but it was decided years ago really. They were just following the policies through. There was no way they were going to change their minds.

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