Title: Wills' Factory

Photographer: Isabella Jedrzejczyk

Writer: Ellin Hare

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Wills' Factory

Isabella Jedrzejczyk (Photographer), Ellin Hare (Writer)

Since I started 13 years ago it was about that time they started whittling down

they closed the offices and they got all new machinery in to do away with a lot of people and there were very few starters after that, people left and they just did not replace them so it was down to about half the number. It did affect you though because in the sales office there were two or three times when they said we are going to close you down and then we managed to keep some of the work and we got a reprieve but every time that happened someone would go and then you would just say I wonder how long we have got. So for years now it has never been safe. There has always been that feeling. They used 10 make 900 fags a minute when I first came here. Now they make 7000. There used to be one fellow, three women, now there is one fellow, one woman, and it has gone up seven times, you know, the cigarettes, it's amazing. Prior to last years budget they asked Nottingham people if they could handle 150 million cigarettes extra per week, just as an exercise. They said, "Oh well, OK," and they put a bit of overtime on and they did it. They were doing about 650 M and they went up to 800 M per week no problem, what they didn’t know was that it was an exercise to see if they could take this factory’s quota.

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