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Amber's Digital Collection and Updated Website - Request for Tenders

17th April 2015 By: Richard Cross

Amber Film & Photography Collective includes Amber Films, Side Gallery and Side Cinema. Its extensive digital film and photography collection contains interconnected narratives that have grown out of...more »

About Us


Amber isn’t a charity, but it is a not-for-profit organisation. All the money we earn and receive is channelled into the work you see represented on this website. We rarely attract large scale funding. Maybe it's something to do with social realism. Who knows? We are grateful to Arts Council England and Newcastle City Council for revenue funding the work of the gallery and to Arts Council England again for project funding the development of this website. We're particularly grateful to Northern Rock Foundation for their five year revenue support of Amber's film work. We would, of course, be more than happy to be grateful to other people too.

We are committed to maintaining, developing and making accessible to the broader public, a living archive rooted in a documentation of the North of England. We are committed to bringing work we believe in to the on-going programmes of Side Gallery and Cinema. We are committed to arguing the case for concerned documentary, whether or not the world wants to hear it.