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Amber Filmography & Awards, 1968 to the present day...

2016 From Us To Me (88 mins, documentary
2010 Today I'm With You (54 mins, documentary)
2008 The Pursuit of Happiness (90min, documentary)
2007 The Bamboozler (47min, documentary)
2006 Making ‘Shooting Magpies’(62min, documentary)
2006 Asylum (30min, documentary)
2005 Shooting Magpies (80min, feature film)
Special Mention, Best Feature Film, Britspotting Festival, Berlin, 2006
2005 Making ‘In Fading Light’ (75min, documentary)
2003 We Did It Together – So Why Do I Feel So Alone? (30min, documentary)
2001 Like Father (95min, feature film)
Golden Sun, Best Feature Film, International Environmental Film Festival, Girona (2002)
1997 The Scar (95/114min, feature film)
Arts Event of the Year, Northern Electric Arts Awards (1997)
Prix Europa Special Prize: TV Fiction (1998)
Silver Nymph, Best Actress, Monte Carlo TV Festival (1998)
Trades Union Award, Emden, Germany (1998)
1995 It’s The Pits (32min , documentary)
1995 Eden Valley (95min, feature film)
Jury Prize, Creteil, Paris (1995)
Best British Independent Feature, North West Film Festival, Southport (1995)
1994 Letters to Katja (57min, documentary)
1991 Dream On (115 min, feature film)
Most Original Film Scenario, La Baule (1991)
Public Prize, Creteil, Paris (1992)
Best Network Programme, Royal Television Society (1992)
Television Programme of the Year, Special Commendation: Fiction, Prix Europa (1992)
Prix Futura, Television Fiction, Berlin (1993)
Blue Ribbon, American Film & Video Association (1993)
1991 The Writing in the Sand (45min, documentary)
Authorship, Northern Electric Arts Awards (1991)
Le Prix du Documentaire, Cinema du Reel, Paris (1992)
Grand Prix, City of Melbourne Award (1992)
1989 In Fading Light (103min, feature film)
Silver Medal, New York (1990)
Silver Anchor, Toulon (1991)
1988 From Marks and Spencer to Marx and Engels(57min, documentary)
1987 Shields Stories (10x10min, drama)
Royal Television Special Award (1987)
Silver Medal Film & TV Festival, New York (1987)
1987 T Dan Smith (85min, feature film)
Royal Television Best Network Programme (1988)
1986 The Privatisation Tapes (6x10min, documentary)
1986 The Box (10min, animation)
1986 Double Vision (60min, documentary/drama)
1985 The Sadler Story (23min, documentary)
1985 Can’t Beat It Alone (45min, documentary)
1985 Seacoal (83min, feature film)
Marks & Spencer Award, Tyneside (1985)
European Film Award, Munich (1986)
1984 Beyond the Vote (22 min, documentary)
1984 Behind the Vote (31 min, documentary)
1983 News from Durham (12min, documentary)
1983 Where Are We Going?(35min, documentary)
1983 Byker (53min, documentary/drama)
International Critics Award & Special Town of Leipzig Award (1984)
Grand Prix, Tampere (1985)
Best Documentary, Troia (1985)
1983 Keeping Time (57min, documentary/drama)
1981 The Filleting Machine (45min, drama)
An Outstanding Film of the Year, London (1982)
1980 Tyne Lives (60min, documentary/drama)
1979 Quayside (16min, documentary)
1978 That's Not Me (33min, documentary)
1978 Laurie (25min, documentary)
1977 Glassworks (20min, documentary)
1976 Last Shift (17min, documentary)
1975 Bowes Line (28min, documentary)
1974 Mai (30min, documentary)
1973 High Row (33min, documentary)
1973 Launch (10min, documentary)
1973 Jellyfish (8min, animation)
Silver Hugo, Chicago (1975)
1969 A Film (8min, animation)
1969 Maybe (10min, documentary)
1968 All You Need Is Dynamite (40min, documentary)

Contribution to Independent Film Making, BFI Awards

Today I Am With You

A work-in-progress trailer for a documentary emerging from Sirkka-Liisa Konttinen's Byker Revisited work

The Pursuit of Happiness (2008)

Amber Films (Producer)

Starting out as a film about the Coulsons, a horsey family in Craghead, County Durham, when Amber founder member and key visionary Murray Martin died in 2007, it became a documentary about a filmmaker who became part of the world he documented.

The Bamboozler (2007)

Amber Films (Producer)

A documentary about love, death and percussion; about Tyneside percussionist Bruce Arthur, the creation of the Rumba Palace on Newcastle's Ouseburn and the making of Bruce's last sound sculpture.

Available as a DVD

Shooting Magpies (2005)

Amber Films (Producer)

The third in Amber's coalfield trilogy of free-standing feature dramas exploring post-industrial experience in East Durham, Shooting Magpies looks at the impacts of heroin and the economically marginalised lives of a generation that emerged after coal. See the trailer

Fine performances and an unflinching gaze... New York Times

Available as a DVD

We Did It Together - So Why Do I Feel So Alone? (2003)

A documentary video made with members of Teen Talk, a teenage mothers' peer education group in East Durham. It's available as a VHS, together with an information pack for educational institutions - please contact Side Gallery.

Like Father

Amber Films (Producer)

The second film in Amber's coalfield trilogy, a feature drama exploring the lives of a grandfather, father and son, as they come to terms with the post-closure landscape of East Durham. See a video clip

Hope, humour and rugged beauty amid the bleakness... Independent on Sunday

Available as VHS

The Scar (1997)

Amber Films (Producer)

The first film in Amber's coalfield trilogy, exploring women's lives in East Durham in the aftermath of the last colliery closures and the failure of the coalfield campaign in which they had been activists. See a video clip

A drama of enormous importance... Tony Benn

Available as VHS

It's The Pits (1995)

Documentary made with youth workers and young people, looking at the lack of facilities for young people in East Durham.

Eden Valley (1994)

Amber Films (Producer)

Set in the harness racing fraternity, this feature drama explores the conflict between urban and rural values and the relationship between an estranged father and son. See a video clip

Proof-positive that good British film-making is alive and living, hundreds of miles from Wardour Street. Time Out

Letters To Katja (1994)

Amber Films (Producer)

In a deeply personal and evocatively universal documentary, Amber photographer & filmmaker Sirkka-Liisa Konttinen returns to her roots in Finland after 23 years in Britain. See a video clip

Available as VHS