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Amber Filmography & Awards, 1968 to the present day...

2016 From Us To Me (88 mins, documentary
2010 Today I'm With You (54 mins, documentary)
2008 The Pursuit of Happiness (90min, documentary)
2007 The Bamboozler (47min, documentary)
2006 Making ‘Shooting Magpies’(62min, documentary)
2006 Asylum (30min, documentary)
2005 Shooting Magpies (80min, feature film)
Special Mention, Best Feature Film, Britspotting Festival, Berlin, 2006
2005 Making ‘In Fading Light’ (75min, documentary)
2003 We Did It Together – So Why Do I Feel So Alone? (30min, documentary)
2001 Like Father (95min, feature film)
Golden Sun, Best Feature Film, International Environmental Film Festival, Girona (2002)
1997 The Scar (95/114min, feature film)
Arts Event of the Year, Northern Electric Arts Awards (1997)
Prix Europa Special Prize: TV Fiction (1998)
Silver Nymph, Best Actress, Monte Carlo TV Festival (1998)
Trades Union Award, Emden, Germany (1998)
1995 It’s The Pits (32min , documentary)
1995 Eden Valley (95min, feature film)
Jury Prize, Creteil, Paris (1995)
Best British Independent Feature, North West Film Festival, Southport (1995)
1994 Letters to Katja (57min, documentary)
1991 Dream On (115 min, feature film)
Most Original Film Scenario, La Baule (1991)
Public Prize, Creteil, Paris (1992)
Best Network Programme, Royal Television Society (1992)
Television Programme of the Year, Special Commendation: Fiction, Prix Europa (1992)
Prix Futura, Television Fiction, Berlin (1993)
Blue Ribbon, American Film & Video Association (1993)
1991 The Writing in the Sand (45min, documentary)
Authorship, Northern Electric Arts Awards (1991)
Le Prix du Documentaire, Cinema du Reel, Paris (1992)
Grand Prix, City of Melbourne Award (1992)
1989 In Fading Light (103min, feature film)
Silver Medal, New York (1990)
Silver Anchor, Toulon (1991)
1988 From Marks and Spencer to Marx and Engels(57min, documentary)
1987 Shields Stories (10x10min, drama)
Royal Television Special Award (1987)
Silver Medal Film & TV Festival, New York (1987)
1987 T Dan Smith (85min, feature film)
Royal Television Best Network Programme (1988)
1986 The Privatisation Tapes (6x10min, documentary)
1986 The Box (10min, animation)
1986 Double Vision (60min, documentary/drama)
1985 The Sadler Story (23min, documentary)
1985 Can’t Beat It Alone (45min, documentary)
1985 Seacoal (83min, feature film)
Marks & Spencer Award, Tyneside (1985)
European Film Award, Munich (1986)
1984 Beyond the Vote (22 min, documentary)
1984 Behind the Vote (31 min, documentary)
1983 News from Durham (12min, documentary)
1983 Where Are We Going?(35min, documentary)
1983 Byker (53min, documentary/drama)
International Critics Award & Special Town of Leipzig Award (1984)
Grand Prix, Tampere (1985)
Best Documentary, Troia (1985)
1983 Keeping Time (57min, documentary/drama)
1981 The Filleting Machine (45min, drama)
An Outstanding Film of the Year, London (1982)
1980 Tyne Lives (60min, documentary/drama)
1979 Quayside (16min, documentary)
1978 That's Not Me (33min, documentary)
1978 Laurie (25min, documentary)
1977 Glassworks (20min, documentary)
1976 Last Shift (17min, documentary)
1975 Bowes Line (28min, documentary)
1974 Mai (30min, documentary)
1973 High Row (33min, documentary)
1973 Launch (10min, documentary)
1973 Jellyfish (8min, animation)
Silver Hugo, Chicago (1975)
1969 A Film (8min, animation)
1969 Maybe (10min, documentary)
1968 All You Need Is Dynamite (40min, documentary)

Contribution to Independent Film Making, BFI Awards

That's Not Me (1978)

Amber Films (Producer)

Actor Tim Healey, then part of Live Theatre, later known for his roles in Aufwiedersehen Pet and more, documented as he tries his hand as a stand-up comedian in the workingmen's clubs of North East England.

Laurie (1978)

Amber Films (Producer)

A documentary film about South Shields born, self-taught sculptor Laurie Wheatley producing a life size sculpture of a welder.

Glassworks (1977)

Amber Films (Producer)

A beautiful wordless documentary record of a Tyneside factory which specialised in hand glassmaking for industrial markets, from fine capillary tubes to large carboys. See a video clip

Available as VHS
Available as DVD

Last Shift (1976)

Amber Films (Producer)

Starting with the workers' discussion of the future of Darkie the Horse, the documentary records the processes of a handmade brick factory, seemingly untouched by the industrial revolution.

Available as VHS
Available as DVD

Bowes Line (1975)

Amber Films (Producer)

One of Amber's most popular films, documenting the Bowes Railway, built by George Stephenson and linking Kibblesworth Colliery with Jarrow Staithes. See a video clip

Available as VHS - soon to be released on Amber's Tyne Documentaries DVD

Mai (1974)

Amber Films (Producer)

The obsessive collector Mai Finglass was the landlady of Amber members Murray Martin and Sirkka-Liisa Konttinen, when they were studying film at Regents Street Polytechnic. This beautiful documentary was the completion of a project they initiated as students.

Available as VHS

High Row (1974)

Amber Films (Producer)

The workers at this small drift coal mine, high in the Pennines, near Alston in Cumbria, collaborated with Amber in this documentary reconstruction of their working lives.

Launch (1973)

Amber Films (Producer)

The classic shot of the launch of an oil tanker at the bottom of a street has ensured the popularity of this beautiful documentary, opening up on the epic experience of shipbuilding communities. See a video clip

specialised in hand glassmaking for industrial markets, from fine capillary tubes to large carboys.

Available as VHS
Available as DVD

Jellyfish (1973)

Amber Films (Producer)

An early experiment in Amber's manipulation of still imagery, an animation placing people and objects on a beach, generating a pervasive sense of unease in the context of the nuclear threat.

A Film (1969)

An animation about alienation and isolation in a desolate industrial landscape, brought to Amber by Peter Roberts when he joined Amber in 1969.