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Kai Wiedenhöfer

18 October – 21 December 2014

In 1989, as a first year student, Kai Wiedenhöfer witnessed and photographed the fall of the Berlin Wall in his hometown.

He saw this historic moment as the most positive and exciting political event of his lifetime.

He believed that this would be the end of walls as a political instrument, and that they would be put on the garbage heap of history as an anachronistic tool.

25 years later he has been proven wrong.

Border walls went up in the US, Europe and the Middle East in the aftermath of political, economic, religious and ethnic conflicts.

With a large format panorama camera, Wiedenhöfer has documented walls in Belfast, Ceuta and Melilla, Baghdad, the Occupied Palestinian Territories, the Mexico–United States border, Cyprus and Korea, as well as the remains of the Iron Curtain.

This comprehensive six year project about borders worldwide stresses that walls and fences are no solutions to today's global, political and economic problems.

"The Berlin Wall was the best proof of this - peace begins where walls fall, not where they are erected."

 Ciara Leeming: Eighteen-year-old Jiri (‘Small Jiri’) has trained to be a motor mechanic
A fence and watch booth in the Spanish enclave of Melilla, separating it from Morocco, March 2009. © Kai Wiedenhöfer

 Ciara Leeming: Eighteen-year-old Jiri (‘Small Jiri’) has trained to be a motor mechanic
Construction of the border fence between the US and Mexico, Arizona. April 2008. © Kai Wiedenhöfer