Side Gallery

Past Exhibitions

An internationally-renowned gallery that has been celebrating the best in documentary photography since it opened in 1977. Open Tuesday to Saturday, 11am to 5pm, Free.

Side Gallery is committed to documentary in the tradition of the concerned photographer. Exhibitions include Amber production, commissions and historical and contemporary work from around the world that inspires us. Talks and events are organised around most of the exhibitions. There is a range of photography books, posters, postcards and prints for sale, along with Amber films on DVD and VHS.

Shifting Ground by Dean Chapman

Saturday 4 November to Sunday 10 December 2000

In the West Durham Coalfield, ravaged by the pit closures of the 60s, Dean documents both the survival of mining communities and the opening fractures that threaten them more...

Weegee Reviewed

Saturday 16 December 2000 to Sunday 28 January 2001

An exhibition developed from Amber's extensive collection of Weegee photographs. more...

Fathers by Peter Fryer & Graeme Rigby

Saturday 10 February to Sunday 25 March 2001

Part of Side's Durham Coalfield Project, Fathers portrays the lives of three men and their families in the ex-colliery town of Seaham in East Durham more...

Yearning for the Sea by John Tordai

Saturday 31 March to Sunday 13 May 2001

J.C. Tordai visited Armenia regularly since 1993, recording the emergence of the post-Soviet state more

In the Shadow by Richard Grassick

Saturday 19 May to Sunday 1 July 2001

In the Shadow is a powerful exploration of the human cost of foot and mouth more...

Struggling to Share the Promised Land by David Lurie

Saturday 7 July to Sunday 2 September

Photographed over a five year period, the exhibition takes us through the earlier uneasy co-existence between Israelis and Palestinians in both Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories; the ongoing conflict leading to the collapse of the peace process, even handedly documenting the powerful and incompatible forces at work more...

Horden Victory Club by Martin Figura

Saturday 6 October to Sunday 18 November 2001

A celebration of the people of the Horden Victory Club and the Leek Shows more...

First Sight

Saturday 2 February 2002 to Sunday 17 March 2002
Children 's Photographs from Vietnam, Bangladesh, Nepal, Palestine & Lebanon, Kenya, Brazil and Guatemala more...

Primary by Clement Cooper

Saturday 23 March 2002 to Sunday 5 May 2002

A series of large-scale black and white images of primary school children in Birmingham, Manchester and Preston, the exhibition moves beyond conventional child portraiture more...

Between the Lines by George Georgiou

Tuesday 14 May to Sunday 7 July 2002

An extraordinary sequence of images, George Georgiou explores the community isolation, sufferings and centuries-old cycles of revenge that drive the Serbia/Kosovo conflict more...