Workington & Maryport

John Rigby

Two West Cumbrian towns photographed between 1983 and 1986, looking in particular at the docks and summer carnivals.

Maryport harbour was semi derelict although talk of redevelopment was in the air. Rigby photographed the fishermen, dog walkers, golfers, horse riders, bikers, coal pickers, beach combers, sailors, travellers, bathers, and children, who made their various uses of the dock waste land. The area’s traditional summer carnivals were revived in the early 1970s, Carnival day the manifestation of many months of effort on behalf of the tableaux makers, foot characters and comedy acts, and the year long activities of the carnival committees. The day is a unique opportunity for everyone, actors and spectators alike, to take part in a celebration which unites and strengthens the community.

All images © John Rigby

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