Can’t Beat it Alone pt4 – Fence Cutting at Greenham Common

0:00 – Greenham base, later in day (from 1009-03). Scenes of women cutting fence

6:00 – Shots of sections of fence down and further cutting, including Trigger

13:52 – Shows police arrest of one woman

18:00 – Police shown questioning woman with pushchair (This scene used in video)

21:00 – Trigger asked how it has gone

24:00 – Scenes of arrest in woodland. Police reinforcements arrive at 27 and drag woman away. Police seen chatting after putting women in van at 29

31:00 – Trigger explains what has happened in woods and normality of police violence

32:00 – Dark now, some cutting continues. Another woman interviewed, elsewhere police had shoulder-charged cutters, legal observer arrested, most bolt cutters confiscated. However, would have been easy to have got to silos had that been their intention

35:00 Scenes of women singing and laughing at soldiers who are attempting to repair the fence

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