Miners’ WS 1984 – Strategies

00.10 – President of Durham area. Representatives from every coalfield. Tremendous amount of work from women’s campaign groups. Kitchens and welfare. Bishop of Durham  blaming Tory Government. McGregor. Crossgate Club.

05.00 – Sheffield University. Hotbed of Reds. Keith Joseph. Oil fire powered stations. Electricity. Reserve Capacity. Three possibilities for government and miners. Strategy. NUM visit Chief forecaster. Coal stocks. Government planning a very long time for the strike. Winter socks. Cheapest cost. Oct/Nov first projection. Critical stock level.

15.40 – Easington Colliery. Gulf War. Rotterdam Market. Barnsley.

18.00 – John Shaw, Brookhouse Colliery. Nuclear stations. Oil supplied. South Derbyshire strikers. Smith, Northumberland. North sea oil.

19.45 – Nuclear power stations. Solidarity action. Unemployment pay. £17 million.

22.30 – Labour and Tory Government blame. Twenty years of confrontation. Trade Union power.

24.20 – Politicise more people on the pickets. Strikers need to get out of the house.

25.20 – Running down coal stocks.

25.50 – Max oil burn.

27.30 – 400 people in hall. NUM. Kim Howells. Inept way of approaching the strike. Coal stocks. Expanded NUM. 1st Directive after 6 months. Historian. Orgreave. CGB. Steel Industry. Greatest army of the labour movement. 28 weeks picketing. Coal sweeter. Transported. Worsley. Burton. Ratcliff. No national coordination. Durham in Warwickshire. Determination. Only national coordination was Orgreave stopping convoy. 200 lorries. Occupy cans in Port Talbot. Stop the CGB. Pembroke. TNG stop equipment. 6,000 pickets in the morning, then go home. 20 nuclear stations. Heysham Nuclear Power Station. Co2 gas. Kitson. Enforce pickets on picket line. Satley Gates. Capitalist State. Fight to the death. Destroy coal industry and the generating sector, Gov will do it. Power workers alliance. Hammond. Frank Chappell. TNG. Seamen. Tanker drivers. Coal power stations need oil. Legal. Courts. Parliamentary Labour Party. Kinnock. WEA. Jimmy Reed. Win it sooner rather than later. Police. 1972. 1974. Stoppage of he CGB.

50.00 – Criticisms of Howell. Oil tankers. Executive. Ashington. Arthur Scargill.

54.20 – School 5/6 months too late. Paranoia. Oil. Gas. Scabs. More coodination needed national and regionally.

57.40 – Junior management. Senior management. Part of the union.

59.25 – Revolution. People Thatcher, Scargill.

61.35 – Howells. Case for coal. Issues out of the debate. Monetarism. 1960s cheap oil. Chester-le-Street. Picketing scabs. Get more miners out. Public meetings explaining the issues. The case for coal.

69.10 – Trevor Bell. Jack Jones. Ian MacGregor. Arthur Scargill. AJ Cook.

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