Tom Hadaway

0.00: Tom Hadaway. Theatre Group. Immediate audience response. TV. Delayed response.

0.40: More passionate live. Workingman Clubs. North Shields estates. Slice of life. Glimpse of total reality of life. Informed and thoughtful audience. Filleting haddocks. Writer. Social experience to Dramatic interpretation.

3.20: Hadaway. First encouraged to write a play by CP Taylor. Short stories for radio. Impress intellectuals. Left school at 14 and a half. Lacks concentration to read novels. 24 first time went to theatre. Barren in area of ideas.

4.20: Write a play about the restoration period of English history. Trevelyan’s history of the Stuarts. Criticism.

5.30: Wrote about relatives. Filleting Machine. BBC helpful. When The Boat Comes In. One off plays. Four writers. Sid Chaplin. Alex Glasgow. James Mitchell. Tom Hadaway. Scarlett Fever. BBC demanded changes.

7.50: Rehearsal in London. James Bolam. Script changes. Seaton characters. Wrong emphasis. Too poetic. Argument. Your (Hadaway) play, but his (Bolam) series.

9.30: Cabbage leaves out of Dusbin. BBC changes. New dustbin but with lettuce. Nostalgia.

11.10: Hadaway sacked from When The Boat Comes In with Alex Glasgow and Sid Chaplin. Plus Producer and script editor.

11.30: BBC Cut out of money.

11.50: Q. Audience. Reaction.

12.00: Jarrow Labour Group. In L Shaped Room. Play. Had it started? Tortured – Roker Park. TV off. Pool Table.

14.00: Play on BBC ITV. Never a reaction from TV. Play around clubs.

16.00: Workshop. Regionally based. Community orientated. Channel 4 opportunity for independents. Working class situation celebrations. Murray Martin

17.00: Disagrees with artist/intellectual going into working class situations. Curiosity piece. Language and Dialect is important. View of drama.

19.00: Live Theatre Company. Fish Quay. Two jobs. Professional writer? Cut from the source. Mimic rather than intellectual.

20.00: Ridges Estate. Women view point. Jarring with scene.

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