AmberSide Education Work

AmberSide Education Work
We develop and deliver distinctive projects with schools and community groups. Using the unique Amber Archive as a rich resource for pupils and teaching staff we demonstrate the power of documentary film and photography to inspire creative enquiry into the wider questions around cultural, historic and environmental change.

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Projects deliver bespoke skills training sessions in documentary filmmaking and photography. Differing in size and scale, the projects we deliver are characterised by the use of filmmaking and photography as a creative tool for learning and can involve resources beyond the Amber archive e.g. school archives, historical maps, objects and artefacts. Projects generally result in the production of a film, photographic exhibition or installation.

We deliver the Arts Award at all levels, with recent project participants attaining Discover, Explore and Bronze level awards.

We are a member of Learning Arc – a professional group of archivists and educators from across the North East providing resources and expertise across all key stages and curriculum areas. We have also partnered with other cultural organisiations e.g. Historic England, Durham Mining Museum & Sunderland Maritime Heritage Group, to enhance project delivery.

The AmberSide Collection represents a priceless record of the industrial and cultural life of the North East gathered over 40 years. Film and photography have proven to be incredibly accessible to children, young people. The resonance of the archive extends to parents, grandparents and members of the local community, all of whom have been involved in our projects.

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The strength of our educational work, lies in our commitment to documentary art and its value as a way of interpreting surroundings, exploring identity and connecting with the local community and the experiences of others within it.

We have been able to develop our projects with support from Heritage Lottery Fund, Arts Council England, Paul Hamlyn Foundation, Struan Foundation, the Community Foundation and Newcastle Culture Investment Fund. The work has also been supported by individual schools and organisations within different communities. We can work with people to identify possible sources of funding within and beyond different communities.

Bryan Dixon
Amber Education, 5-9 Side, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 3JE

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