Andrea Luka Zimmerman/1 hour 28 minutes/ 2018

ONLINE  film screening and discussion with director ANDREA LUKA ZIMMERMAN


****Film will be available 24 hours before this conversation event***


Charting ‘the deep bonds between Hollywood’s fictionalized conflicts and America’s hidden wars’, Andrea Luka Zimmerman’s ERASE AND FORGET is an investigative documentary which charts the extraordinary life and times of Bo Gritz, one of America’s highest decorated veterans and the ‘inspiration’ for Rambo and Brando’s Colonel Kurtz. Using never before seen archive footage of covert US operations, and interviews filmed over a ten year period, ERASE AND FORGET provides a complex perspective of an individual and a country in crisis.


ERASE AND FORGET is a compelling inquiry into the nature of human conscience which raises urgent questions about US militarism and gun control, and embodies contemporary American society in all its dizzying complexity and contradictions.


Director Andrea Luka Zimmerman began this film as part of the Vision Machine Film Project which she co founded in 2001. It was a not-for-profit filmmakers’ collective that sought to create an international video production and distribution network to research, analyse and respond to the conditions and mechanisms of economic, political and military power. In particular, Vision Machine focused on the many forms of systemic violence and terror – from organized mass murder to dangerous working conditions – and the contradictions this devastation poses to the dominant notions of Progress and History, the mythology of Power, and the religion of Capital.





We are excited to facilitate an online season of screenings and discussions exploring films made by collectives, grown from community and which challenge the mainstream media misrepresentation. We will be questioning the notions of a ‘post truth’ society and the role of a documenter within it. From the Rojava Film Commune in Syria to the streets of America and ending in our own cinema in Newcastle, we will be sharing and discussing extraordinary work which activates communities, reveals hidden realities, and inspires new ways forward.

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