Andrew Wilson

10 JUNE 2021/ 7pm

This event will be LIVE-STREAMED from SIDE CINEMA – reactivating our cinema as a place of connection and collective conversation.

This Trust Idea is a 30 minute video which blends found footage to playfully explore the intersection of trust, coercion and democracy.

The video and its accompanying text were initiated by early observations that the countries who dealt with the Covid-19 pandemic best were those who have the highest levels of trust between its citizens and its institutions, and those with the worst infection rates were those where public trust is at its lowest – places where nobody believes their politicians nor their newspapers.

This Trust Idea presents a playful yet provocative layering of complex issues which are intended to be consumed collectively and discussed at length afterwards.



We are excited to facilitate an online season of screenings and discussions exploring films made by collectives, grown from community and which challenge the mainstream media misrepresentation. We will be questioning the notions of a ‘post truth’ society and the role of a documenter within it. From the Rojava Film Commune in Syria to the streets of America and ending in our own cinema in Newcastle, we will be sharing and discussing extraordinary work which activates communities, reveals hidden realities, and inspires new ways forward.

COLLECTIVE NOW is supported by Film Hub North, Arts Council England and Community Foundation.

Thu 10 June 2021

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