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We are excited to facilitate a season of film events in dialogue with the SIDE gallery exhibition WORK and WORKERS. Using the extraordinary Amber Film Collection as a starting point, we are exploring WORK – what it looks like, how it changes and how it is seen through the lenses of capitalism, collectivisation and how we can imagine work in a post-capitalist world. We will be looking at the community of WORKERS both driving industry in the North East as well as those breaking down what was made and forming the global workforce. We are looking forward to collaborating with North East Film Archive to present two nights framing the conversation across both our collections to bring rich dialogue.

We also will have a very special event showing AMBER film IN FADING LIGHT along with a film made with children in North Shields responding to the film and the AmberSide Collection and the North Shields fish quay 30 years later.

We will be ending our season with a fantastic Live Score event in partnership with the Transgressive North and Folklore Tapes – the classic film ZVENIGORA will come to life with the score performed live in our cinema.

Each film will be followed by a conversation and a donations bar.

The Side Cinema, opened in 1979, is celebrating 40 years of facilitating a vital discursive space for independent film in the Northeast. Our intimate, 51 seat venue, was started by the Amber Collective as a ‘debate cinema’ – a place for discussion and the opportunity to experience cinema collectively. Join us for our 40th year of sharing films together

Thu 11 July 2019 - Thu 15 August 2019

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