Side Photographic Collection

Through its own production, support, purchase and retrieval, Amber has built up a significant photographic collection. Where possible, we're putting this work online.

The photographic engagement with the North of England has produced a remarkable enough body of work, but since Side Gallery opened in 1977, this has been extended through exhibition purchases and donations to include a wide-ranging representation of the international classic and contemporary documentary that continues to inspire us. Where we hold the rights and/or where the photographer gives permission, we're committed to putting as much of this work online as possible. As funding allows, new exhibitions will appear and some exhibitions will be developed further. Side Gallery, through the work of which so much of this collection has been achieved, is supported by Arts Council England.
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Let Go

Peter Fryer 2 (Photographer)

The North Shields fishing industry, documented in a project linked to Amber’s making of the feature film In Fading Light.

Letters from Ernestine K.

Stefan Dolfen (Photographer)

Exploration of a psychiatric institution in Germany, late 1980s, early 1990s, by one of the photographers involved in the Crook International Photography Workshop in 1993.

Life in the Liberated Zone

David Lurie (Photographer)

The squatter camps of South Africa’s Cape Town, photographed after the apartheid government’s abandonment of the Pass Laws in the late 1980s.

Look Me In The Eye

Richard Grassick (Photographer)

Collaborative project with a paraplegic, campaigning to change attitudes to disability, North Shields,1988, developed as part of the work of Amber's Current Affairs Unit.

Love of my Choice

Stefan Dolfen (Photographer)

Portrait project exploring love, in Germany, in Newcastle upon Tyne and in Fishburn, County Durham as part of the Crook International Photography Workshop in 1993.


Unknown (Photographer)

The building of the Mauretania, launched in 1906, by various, mostly unknown, photographers, but including James Cleet of South Shields, an exhibition initially shown by Side Gallery at Swan Hunter's shipyard in Wallsend.

Meadow Well: An English Estate

Steve Conlan (Photographer)

A housing estate in North Shields, achieving notoriety around rioting in 1991, photographed late 1980s/early 1990s in a project linked to the making of Dream On. Formerly known as The Ridges, it was also the setting for the film The Filleting Machine.

My Finnish Roots

Sirkka-Liisa Konttinen (Photographer)

A project in which the photographer explored her return to Finland in 1992 after 23 years in the North East of England, linked to the Amber documentary feature, Letters to Katja.

North Blyth

Peter Fryer 2 (Photographer)

A community on the Northumberland coast, threatened by redevelopment plans in 1988, documented in support of a successful campaign against them. One of Side Gallery's NOW exhibitions, developed at the time as a rapid response to contemporary events and issues.

Northumberland Landscapes

Isabella Jedrzejczyk (Photographer)

Landscapes exploring rural Northumberland in early 1980s, by a photographer who was part of the Side Gallery operation from its earliest days.