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All text and images on this site are copyrighted and may not be used without permission. Copyright rests variously with Amber, the individual photographers and writers involved.

Educational Usage

Amber and all the photographers whose work is featured on this site have agreed to allow educational usage of the images where there is no commercial, public relations or advertising aspect. This means, if you want to use any of the pictures in the context of an essay or presentation in college, at school or as part of a course, you are free to do so without asking further permission. We would love to hear about this work if you want to tell us, but there’s no obligation. On the other hand, an educational publication counts as a commercial one – if you are, in any way, paying for print and design costs, you should also be paying photographers.

Commercial Usage

Amber is not a photographic library and the fact that an image is on this site does not mean that rights are available. Where Amber holds the copyright, we will make a judgement as to whether a request is in keeping with our sense of the original project and the agreements that underpinned it. Rights fees will be calculated on the basis of image size and print run. Where the copyright rests with the photographer, we are happy to pass on the request, although we cannot guarantee that we always have up-to-date contact details.

Creative Commons Usage

Creative Commons licenses have been applied to the images, films and other assets within this website as appropriate. Please note each license grants different permissions.


(BY-NC-ND) – Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives
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(BY-NC) – Attribution-NonCommercial
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Requests to use clips from any of Amber’s films will be dealt with in the same way as photographs, where Amber holds the copyright. If they seem appropriate, usage fees will be calculated on a per minute basis. For presentation, distribution or broadcast of whole films, just contact us.


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