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AmberSide will be running a photography short course for household/support bubbles from April 2021. Taught by professional photographers over 4 sessions, the course will explore documentary photography, aim to improve technique and inspire people to use their camera more; whether that is a smartphone, tablet or a digital camera.

Each week course attendees will be taking photographs (in line with relevant Covid restrictions), be shown a range of documentary images- many of which will come from the AmberSide Collection- with the aim of sparking conversation and providing inspiration during the practical tasks. Feedback and guidance on technique will be given throughout the course, with sessions tailored to the needs of the group.

If you would like to register or find out more, email 

This is an informal course (i.e. it is not accredited), looking to increase confidence with a camera, explore documentary techniques and develop your own photography. Places are limited.

This course is most suitable for beginner or intermediate photographers but if you feel you are at an advanced level and would like to register for information on future courses or events then please get in touch on the email address above.

The course costs £100 per bubble.

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