Laurie (1978)

Amber Films

A documentary film about South Shields born, self-taught sculptor Laurie Wheatley producing a sculpture of a welder.

Laurie Wheatley was a member of a group of South Shields artists in the 1930s, part of the broader movement that included the Ashington Painters and the work that came out of the Spennymoor Settlement. He was an early collaborator with Amber, developing an album of photographs documenting changes on Tyneside in the early 70s and working on the group’s River Project in 1974. With a wryly philosophical turn of mind, he talks about life, art and his own story. A sense of connection to this flowering of working class art has always been important to Amber and Wheatley was an early influence on the group.

Amber Films, 25 mins, 1978

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