Can’t Beat it Alone pt2 – Trigger Interview

0:00 – Commences interview with North-Eastern Greenham woman ‘Trigger’, inside bender

2:00 – Life on the dole in Newcastle offered few options, Greenham offers better existence

5:00 – talks about making a bender – can only have temporary shelters as stuff destroyed in evictions

7:00 – CND supporters are wankers, women’s peace camp more meaningful than demos, men excluded because they’re not into non-violence

10:40 – Talks about inside of base, silos shoddily constructed. US troops have recreated US life

13:00 – Attitude of Newbury residents – hostile, had experienced violence, especially from kids

16:45 – Police frighteningly violent – need to keep hair short to avoid being pulled round by it

22:30 – US more of a threat to us than Russia, we’re being conned by Reagan

25:00 – She had been on the verge of joining the army, people join because its a job, to learn skills, don’t expect to have to kill. But had come to Greenham instead

32:30 – Talks about actions, eg covering selves in red gloss paint for Hiroshima day

35:00 – Experience of being arrested on a blockade. Had been bailed, awaiting court case

36:00 – Asked about scariest thing – describes blockading gates, laying down under lorry, police violence

40:00 – Filming moves outside, general scenes of women at fence and camp scenes

42:00 – Interview continues outside, discusses painting US spy plane, final aim, media distortion. Camp and fence scenes to end (53)

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