IN FADING LIGHT Amber Films, 103 mins, 1989

Feature drama set in the declining North Shields fishing industry, for which Amber bought and ran a 63′ anchor seine netter, local fishermen auditioning and training the actors.

Actors coming for auditions found themselves at sea for days, gutting fish. When the story required a storm sequence, cast, crew and fishermen set sail, into the teeth of a force 9 gale, tripods anchored to the deck. Writer Tom Hadaway had a lifetime’s experience on the fish quay. Filmmakers and actors brought a commitment to authenticity that was almost heroic.


We may be distanced but we can still come together digitally to share films. We are very excited to share with you five Amber films that look at the world differently, highlighting community and collective resolve. We have curated a season drawn from our collective works including films grown from our 50 year relationship in Byker, Newcastle to our decades long conversations with East Germany, County Durham and beyond.

We are looking forward to watching each film with you and then facilitating a conversation afterwards featuring Amber filmmakers and members of the communities who worked with us on each project. 

  • Please sign up to the event at EventBrite and we will email you the details including a link to the film and details of the facilitated conversation. 
  • We will share the link to the film 24 hours before the conversation begins giving you time to watch it at a time that works for you. 
  • We will email the Zoom link the day of the conversation so you can join us.

Please email if you have any questions.

We have chosen to make the films available for free on the day of the screening but feel free to make a donation.

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Fri 22 May 2020


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