‘Inside Emmaus’ – Preview Exhibition and Live Q&A

©Paul Alexander Knox

AmberSide is proud to present ‘Inside Emmaus’- an online preview exhibition available now, with an online panel discussion at 7pm on 6th May.


Emmaus is a national charity which supports people (Emmaus companions) who have experienced homelessness by providing them with a home and meaningful work in a community setting.

With support from Virgin Money Foundation, AmberSide developed a documentary engagement with the Emmaus Community (one of 29 in the UK) based in South Shields. During 2019, documentary photographer Paul Alexander Knox worked with companions teaching DSLR camera skills leading to the creation of their own photographic exhibition. Paul went on to create an original body of photographic work, documenting the everyday life and spirit of an Emmaus Community.


In addition, Amber Films created an original documentary film to accompany the photographic work, featuring detailed and emotive interviews with staff and companions.

The result of this engagement is now a combined photographic and film exhibition available to preview online free by booking via Art Tickets.


For a limited period we are offering exclusive access to this exhibition (until Friday 7thMay). We are hosting a virtual event via Zoom on Thursday 6th May, bringing together AmberSide artists and members of the Emmaus community to discuss the work and to respond to a live Q&A. Tickets are free but must be pre-booked for the online discussion via Art Tickets


Accessing the links in the relevant ticket(s), will allow you to view the exhibition ‘Inside Emmaus’, by Paul Alexander Knox, which includes text by Dawn Felicia Knox and concludes with the embedded documentary, ‘Stories From Emmaus’ by Amber Films, which can be streamed via Vimeo (Dur. 36mins). The online discussion event on 6thMay must be booked separately.


Any questions please email side.gallery@amber-online.com

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