Lockdown Living- a call for images


AmberSide is hoping to capture life in the North East of England during lockdown. We are asking for anyone who has documented their life and/or community to submit an image that they feel captures lockdown life in the region.

The theme is ‘Lockdown Living’. Pictures may be from inside your house or outside on your walks. They may capture the difficulties faced or the joy that could still be found.

We are accepting submissions on this theme until the end of April. Images may be displayed on the Amber website and across our social media platforms.

Rules for submission:

  • Images sent to submissions@amber-online.com
  • Image file size no bigger than 4MB, in a JPEG format. We may need to re-size your image
  • One entry per person
  • The image should be your own original work
  • Images should not have borders, watermarks or signatures on them
  • The image must have been taken since March 2020
  • We are interested in documentary photography and do not accept composite images, objects added digitally that were not in the original shot or enhancement beyond small adjustments such as minor cleaning
  • Photographers must not have contravened lockdown restrictions at the time of the image being taken
  • Submission to the project grants AmberSide permission to physically exhibit and share the image publicly via website, social media and other digital means and for the use in marketing; photographers will be credited
  • Any photographs featuring adults/children on private property must have given their permission, or given their parental permission for the image to be taken- AmberSide is not responsible or liable for this
  • AmberSide reserves the right to end or alter the project as it deems necessary

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