We are very excited to share (Off)SIDE Cinema- COLLECTIVE NOW, an online season of screenings and discussions exploring films made by collectives, grown from community and which challenge the mainstream media misrepresentation. We will be questioning the notions of a ‘post truth’ society and the role of a documenter within it. From the Rojava Film Commune in Syria to the streets of America and ending in our own cinema in Newcastle, we will be sharing and discussing extraordinary work which activates communities, reveals hidden realities, and inspires new ways forward.


Our intimate 50 person cinema is unable to reopen under current covid regulations. Though our building is closed, we can still come together. This is our third (Off)SIDE Cinema Season; it has been remarkable to come together across the globe to share and discuss film. We are excited that this season will widen the conversations and bring more people into the dialogue.

Our final event will end in our cinema as we prepare to open our doors once again.

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