Past Exhibitions

This is a list of the exhibitions that have been put on at Side Gallery since 1977, when it opened – a work-in-progress… Hopefully it will always be so! There will be mistakes – let us know if you spot one.

The list indicates if an exhibition grew out of Amber production (ie created by a photographer in the collective) or if it was a commission. Much of the other contemporary work documenting North East subjects was also supported by Amber/Side through print purchase, retainers and support for commissions from other organisations.

We plan to add information on the different exhibitions, together with images and installation shots – watch this space.

Documents of the North East Sirkka-Liisa Konttinen, Graham Smith, James Cleet, Robert Carling (incl Amber production)
Singular Realities (group exhibition)
New York in the Thirties Berenice Abbott
Imogen Cunningham
Chris Killip
Ralph Gibson
Other Eyes (group exhibition)
British Calendar Customs Homer Sykes
Lewis Hine
August Sander

Thomas Annan
Larry Herman
New British Image (open group exhibition)
England Past Humphrey Spender, Bert Hardy, George Rodger, Thurston Hopkins
Russian War Photographs
Northern View (group exhibition – Daniel Meadows, Nick Hedges, Derek Smith, Ken Baird
AL Coburn
EJ Bellocq
Henri Cartier Bresson
Photographs from the Beaches Sirkka-Liisa Konttinen & Marketa Luskacova (incl Amber production)

Work & Unemployment Robert Golden & Nick Hedges
The Teds Chris Steele-Perkins
Juvenile Jazz Bands Tish Murtha [developed as part of Side Gallery MSC scheme]
Alexander Rodchenko
Alabama 40 Years On Walker Evans & Peter Cannon
Photographs from Peru Martin Chambi & Edward Ranney
Beyond the Fields We Know David Lyons
Northern Survey Martine Franck [commission]
John Davies
Mike Disfarmer
Edwardian Portraits: From a Local Studio
James Cleet, a South Shields photographer
The Camera & Dr Barnado

Isle of Man Chris Killip
Quoits Ian Macdonald [commission]
Retrieving the Past Manchester studies
Daily Herald: Photographs from the Thirties various photographers
Observers of Man
Andre Kertesz
Bill Brandt
Pie Town Russell Lee
To Build Jerusalem: Photographs of Labour History
Building the Tyne Bridge Dorman Long Collection

The Fishing Industry Nick Hedges (commission)
Cumbrian Landscapes John Davies (commission)
Don McCullin
Art of the Tattoo Chris Wroblewski
Scotswood Road Jimmy Forsyth
Latin America John Cohen, Luke Holland, Manuel Alvarez Bravo
The Mauretania
North Tyneside Isabella Jedrzejczyk, Marketa Luskacova, Sirkka-Liisa Konttinen, Graham Smith (incl Amber production)
Diane Arbus
Youth Unemployment Tish Murtha (commission)
American Mining Communities Russell Lee
Robert Doisneau
China Marc Riboud

Nicaragua Susan Meiselas
Survival Programmes: In Britain’s Inner Cities Exit Photography Group (Chris Steele-Perkins, Paul Trevor, Nick Battye)
The British Worker
Images of Women various photographers
Tees Estuary Ian Macdonald (commission)
Consett Steel Graham Smith (Amber production)
John Pattison Gibson
Early Soviet Photography

Askam and Skinningrove Chris Killip
Northern Ireland and Telex Iran Gilles Peress
South Africa Peter Magubane
Work & Wit: Documentary Photographs from the Side Collection
Bert Hardy
Beirut and Ethiopia Chris Steele-Perkins
Northumberland Landscapes Isabella Jedrzejczyk (commission)
Durham Coalfield John Davies (commission)
For Druridge Isabella Jedrzejczyk & John Davies (commission)
El Salvador: Work of 30 Photographers curated by Susan Meiselas
Chile Abbas & Raymond Depardon
Shipbuilding on the Tyne Bruce Rae (commission)
Byker Sirkka-Liisa Konttinen (Amber production)

South Bank Graham Smith (Amber production)
A Vanished World Roman Vishniac
John Heartfield
Seacoal Chris Killip
Martin Chambi of Cuzco
The New Incas Paul Yule
Why Photography? Why Documentary? Photographs from the Side Collection
Easington: A Durham Mining Village Bruce Rae (commission)
Easington, August 1984 Keith Pattison
Workers! Unemployed! various photographers
Step by Step Sirkka-Liisa Konttinen (Amber production)

Josef Koudelka
Narita Airport Takashi Hamaguchi
Famine in Africa Mike Goldwater & Chris Steele-Perkins
Pilgrims Marketa Luskacova
Weegee the Famous
The Forest John Kippin
Colour from the FSA various photographers
Making the News Keith Pattison, John Sturrock & others
David Goldblatt

Home Front John Reardon & Derek Bishton
American Images various photographers
Portraits & Dreams Wendy Ewald
Hard Times Mark Power
In the Company of Women Jenny Matthews
Scotswood Road Jimmy Forsyth
Edgar G Lee
Photographs from the People’s Centre North Shields

Approaches to Documentary various photographers
No Pasaran: The Spanish Civil War various photographers
Blast Furnace Ian Macdonald (commission)
Ashington: A Coal Mining Town Mik Critchlow (commission)
In a Right State Heartfield / Kennard / Budgett
Wills Factory Closure Isabella Jedrzejczyk (commission)
From West Cumbria John Rigby
Migrant Labour Keith Pattison

In June 1988 Side Gallery introduced a series of photo-story commissions, ‘NOW!’, with a dedicated exhibition space on the ground floor. Commissions were often for only two weeks work and were concerned with local, national and international current affairs.

Let Us Now Praise Famous Women: Women Photographers for the US Govt, 1935 – 1944
The Cordoned Heart various South African photographers
Edith Tudor Hart, photographs 1930 – 1952
The Lensman Humphrey Spender
Below the Line and Exploding Into Life Eugene Richards
Northern Landscapes Isabella Jedrzejczyk & John Davies (incl commissioned work)
Juchitan Graciela Iturbide
Working the Surface of the Earth, mining photography from around the world
Robert Doisneau
A Christmas Show from Side Photographic Collection

Seafarers: the Ferries Dispute Mik Critchlow (commission)
Harambe Africa, photographs from Ethiopia
Working It Out Isabella Jedrzejczyk (commission)
Cedarwood Women Sirkka-Liisa Konttinen (Amber production)
Kampuchea: Pictures from the Killing Fields Pete Brabban
North Blyth: A Sense of Community Peter Fryer (commission)
Look Me in the Eye Richard Grassick (Amber production)

Coke to Coke Peter Fryer (commission)
Step by Step Sirkka-Liisa Konttinen (Amber production)
Primary Concerns Marketa Luskacova
Steel Works Julian Germain (commission)
Bathing Places Kevin O’Farrell
Bitter Harvest David Lurie
Ten Days in Tiananmen Bob Gannon

Every Breath They Take Keith Pattison (commission)
Scotswood to Kurdistan Mark Pinder
Do Not Pass Go Steve Conlan
Haiti Gilles Peress
When the Waters Came Shahidul Alam
Mixtepeco Eniac Martinez
Let Go Peter Fryer (commission)

6 venues in Northumberland and Tyneside
Building the Tyne Bridge
Look Me in the Eye Richard Grassick (Amber production)
Ashington Mik Critchlow (commission)
Shipbuilding on the Tyne Bruce Rae (commission)
Scotswood Road Jimmy Forsyth

In 1989 there was an 80% reduction in funding from Northern Arts (now part of Arts Council England). The disagreement centred on their interest in Side Gallery becoming a generalist photography gallery and Amber’s interest in developing community-based photographer-activists, who would tour work in their areas and generate new production. For a short while in 1991, Side Gallery was closed, then re-opened in 1992 as an augmented touring venue. The photographer-activist model was developed in particular in County Durham, where as well as the touring, there was the Crook International Photography Workshop in 1993, leading to Unclear Family and a series of exhibitions from the various participants.

Reindeer People: The Saami of Lapland Jorma Puranen, Marja Vuorelainen, Matti Saanio
Sovinec Jindrich Streit
Days of Steel, photographs from the Firth Brown Archive
Life in the Liberated Zone David Lurie
Nicaragua Susan Meiselas
Gilles Peress: Northern Ireland, Iran, Homeless Americans and Haiti
The Untrained Eye Jimmy Forsyth, Albert Smith, Laurie Wheatley & Mary Gillens
Juchitan Graciela Iturbide
Jungle Portraits Isabella Jedrzejczyk

Hartlepool Women – Working for Change? Hartlepool Women’s Group
Glimpses of Change in the East Mark Power, Paul Lowe, Ivo Gill, Lubomir Stiburek
Poll Tax Exhibition Steve Conlan (commissioned as part of Meadow Well: An English Estate)
Nicaragua Libre Mik Critchlow

8 venues in Northumberland and on Tyneside
Nicaragua Antonio Turok
Edgar G Lee
Below the Line Eugene Richards
Seacoal Chris Killip
Let Go Peter Fryer (commission)
South Africa David Goldblatt
Cumbrian Landscapes John Davies (commission)

The Writing in the Sand Sirkka-Liisa Konttinen (Amber production)
Robert Doisneau
Meadow Well: An English Estate Steve Conlan (commission)
American Mining Communities Russell Lee

14 venues on Tyneside, in Northumberland & County Durham
American Mining Communities Russell Lee
Consett News Pictures Tommy Harris
The Writing in the Sand Sirkka-Liisa Konttinen (Amber production)
Reindeer People Marja Vuorelainen
Jungle Portraits Isabella Jedrzejczyk (commission, included in 1981’s North Tyneside)
Juchitan Graciela Iturbide
Mauretania various photographers
The Untrained Eye Albert Smith
Working the Landscape George Dodsworth, Pete Maddison, Richard Grassick & Jane Greenwell
Weegee’s People
Wheatley Hill Mary Gillens
Let Go
Peter Fryer (commission)
Below the Line Eugene Richards
Easington: A Mining Village Bruce Rae (commission)

Images from the Side Collection

15 venues on Tyneside (including Side Gallery), in Northumberland & County Durham
Dream On Steve Conlan, Richard Grassick and Sirkka-Liisa Konttinen (commission & Amber production)
Belmont Group Day Out Graciela Iturbide (Donation)
Daily Herald James Jarche & others
Changes in the East Paul Lowe, Mark Power, Lubomir Stiburek
Portraits & Dreams Wendy Ewald
Photographs from the Vickers Archive
Working the Landscape George Dodsworth, Pete Maddison, Richard Grassick & Jane Greenwell
The Unrecognised Villages Peter Fryer
Step by Step Sirkka-Liisa Konttinen (Amber production)
Consett News Pictures Tommy Harris
Juchitan Graciela Iturbide
Building the Tyne Bridge
Ramar Goodbye Richard Grassick (Amber production)
Reindeer People Marja Vuorelainen
The Mauretania

Side Collection Show various photographers
South African Health David Lurie
Side Collection Show various photographers
The Russians Dana Kyndrova
Shipbuilding on the Tyne Bruce Rae (commission)
My Finnish Roots Sirkka-Liisa Konttinen (Amber production)

16 venues in Tyneside (including Side Gallery), Northumberland & Co Durham
Ramar Goodbye Richard Grassick (Amber production)
South African Health David Lurie
Quayside Graham Smith & Sirkka-Liisa Konttinen (Amber production)
The Russians Dana Kyndrova
Mothers’ Day Out Grace Robertson
Wheatley Hill Mary Gillens
Peaceable Kingdoms Peter Fryer
My Finnish Roots Sirkka-Liisa Konttinen (Amber production)
Eastgate Cement Works Dave Thomas
The Unrecognised Villages Peter Fryer
Keep the Banner Flying various photographers
Portraits & Dreams Wendy Ewald
Nowhere Called Home Peter Bialobrzeski
Daily Herald James Jarche and others
Paris Streets Robert Doisneau
The Writing in the Sand Sirkka-Liisa Konttinen

Give My Regards to Elizabeth Peter Bialobrzeski
Ramshackles Dave Thomas
Guns & Butter John Heartfield
From the Centre Nick Hedges
Juchitan Graciela Iturbide
Unclear Family: from the Crook International Photography Workshop Dana Kyndrova, Dayanita Singh, Jindrich Streit, Michelle Johnson, Mik Critchlow, Miriam Reik, Peter Bialobrzeski, Richard Cross, Richard Grassick, Stefan Dolfen, Steve Conlan, Tim Curtis and Veronique Lesperat-Hequet
Letters from Ernestine K Stefan Dolfen

17 venues on Tyneside (including Side Gallery), in Northumberland & County Durham
Ramshackles Dave Thomas
Guns & Butter John Heartfield
Tees Estuary Ian Macdonald (commission)
Keep the Banner Flying various photographers
Nowhere Called Home Peter Bialobrzeski
Images of Youth in Cumbria John Rigby
Martin Chambi of Cuzco
Seafarers Mik Critchlow (commission)
A Little Piece of Land Richard Grassick (Amber production)
The Russians Dana Kyndrova
From the Family Album Stefan Dolfen
My Finnish Roots Sirkka-Liisa Konttinen
Can I Say Shalom Miriam Reik
Sovinec Jindrich Streit
Italians Anna Arnone
Meadow Well Steve Conlan

8 venues on Tyneside (including Side Gallery), in Northumberland and County Durham
Unremembered Lives: North East Communities and the Documentary Photographer


Byker Sirkka-Liisa Konttinen

Youth Unemployment Tish Murtha
Scotswood Road Jimmy Forsyth

Consett Graham Smith
Steel Works Julian Germain

Seacoal Chris Killip

North Shields Graham Smith, Sirkka-Liisa Konttinen, Peter Fryer, Steve Conlan and Isabella Jedrzejczyk

Wallsend Graham Smith, Sirkka-Liisa Konttinen, Chris Killip and Bruce Rae

Easington: A Mining Village Bruce Rae
Easington, August 1984 Keith Pattison

South Bank Graham Smith

1996 to 1999
Side Gallery’s touring policy came to an end with Unremembered Lives a major Amber retrospective looking at its photographic engagement with community. Between then and 1999 Side Gallery continued presenting exhibitions on an increasingly limited budget. Some new work, such as Dean Chapman’s Karenni and Sebastiao Salgado’s Workers was shown, but the programme drew mostly on the resources of the Side Photographic Collection. The details of the programme over these years is on the list of things to research! In 1998 a group was set up to look at the future of the gallery. It brought together Amber members Murray Martin, Richard Grassick and Sirkka-Liisa Konttinen with photographers Peter Fryer and Dean Chapman and writer Graeme Rigby. This led to the regeneration of Side Gallery and photographic production in 1999.

Quayside Sirkka-Liisa Konttinen & Graham Smith (Amber production)
For most of it I have no words Simon Norfolk
This Man’s Army Martin Figura
An Interrupted Journey Giovanni Diffidenti
Ten Days in Tiananmen Square Bob Gannon

La Realidad Mara Catalan
Panos Pictures Martin Adler, Piers Benatar, Tim Hetherington, Fernando Moleres, Shehzad Noorani, Karen Robinson, Andrew Testa and Hamish Wilson
Writing in the Sand Sirkka-Liisa Konttinen (Amber production)
Dream Series Martin Weber
Notes from Afghanistan Chris Steele-Perkins
Shifting Ground Dean Chapman (commission)
Weegee Reviewed

Fathers Peter Fryer, text by Graeme Rigby (Coalfield Stories commission)
Yearning for the Sea John C Tordai
In the Shadow of Foot and Mouth Richard Grassick, text Graeme Rigby
Struggling to Share the Promised Land David Lurie, 7 July – 2 September
Horden Victory Club Martin Figura (Coalfield Stories commission)
Building the Tyne Bridge
Darkness in the Golden Land: Humanity and Inhumanity in the State of Burma Dean Chapman

First Sight: Children’s Photographs from Vietnam, Bangladesh, Nepal, Palestine & Lebanon, Kenya, Brazil and Guatemala
Primary Clement Cooper
Between the Lines George Georgiou
A Broken Landscape Gideon Mendel
Amber: Photography & Film Sirkka-Liisa Konttinen, Graham Smith, Mik Critchlow, Martine Franck, Chris Killip, Peter Fryer and Steve Conlon (incl Amber production and commissioning)
Afghanistan: Chronotopia Simon Norfolk
Everybody Sai Sai Dieter Telemans
Coalfield Stories Dean Chapman, John Davies, Martin Figura, Peter Fryer, Richard Grassick, Sirkka-Liisa Konttinen, Sally-Ann Norman, Keth Pattison, Bruce Rae, Chris Steele-Perkins (Amber production and commissioning)

A Cuban Retrospective Raul Caņibano.
Juchitan Graciela Iturbide
Roma Karen Robinson
Soviets Shepard Sherbell
Women and War Jenny Matthews
Farewell Squalor Sally-Ann Norman (Coalfield Stories commission)
Nenets Heidi Bradner

Cold War Pastoral John Kippin
Cape Town Fringe: Manenberg Avenue is where it’s happening David Lurie
Below the Line Eugene Richards
Homeless Americans Gilles Peress
Spitting Windward Manuel Sendón
Post Industrial Richard Grassick (Coalfield Stories production)
Mosquito Coast Sophia Evans
The Village is a Global World Jindrich Streit (commission)
Into the Asylum Howard Davies
Agent Orange Philip Jones Griffiths
Making the News Keith Pattison, John Sturrock & others
Signs of Coal John Davies (Coalfield Stories commission)

A Decade of War in Chechnya Heidi Bradner
The Lost Boys: Portraits of Russian Soldiers Heidi Bradner
Shifting Ground Dean Chapman (Coalfield Stories commission)
Goaf: Landscapes from the Durham Coalfield Simon Norfolk (Coalfield Stories commission)
Scars Paul Lowe
River: Documenting the Tyne
Coastal: Documenting the North East Coast
The Last Days Aidan Doyle
Child Labour Fernando Moleres
Lewis Hine
All Dressed Up: Teenage Girls & Young Women in East Durham Karen Robinson (Coalfield Stories commission
Portraits and Dreams Wendy Ewald

El Salvador – Work of Thirty Photographers curated by Susan Meiselas
Hinterland / Northern Exoposures Chris Steele-Perkins (includes Coalfield Stories commissioned work)
Camping in Gaza Laura Junka
Looking Towards Palestine: A Photography Projection various photographers
Martin Chambi
Peru John Cohen
The Time of Her Life Lesley McIntyre
Land of Beautiful Horses Ritva Kovalainen

Survival Programmes: In Britain’s Inner Cities Exit Photography Group (Nicholas Battye, Chris Steele Perkins, Paul Trevor)
Gdansk Suburbia Jerzy Wierzbicki
Roots of the Runtur Rob Hornstra
The Arab Boarding House Peter Fryer (Coalfield Stories commission)
The Preacher & His Congregation James Perry Walker
Why Documentary? 30 Years of Side Gallery
Congo: The Rape of a Nation Marcus Bleasdale

GO! Internal Migration in China Rhodri Jones
The Roma Journeys Joakim Eskildsen
Horse Nation Dean Chapman
Appleby Horse Fair Dave Thomas
For Murray
Bangladesh 1971: Photographs from the War of Independence
Drik Photo library
The Weegee Portfolio

Telex Iran Gilles Peress
Sisters in Chanel & Chador Newsha Tavakolian
Recollections Philip Jones Griffiths
Robert Doisneau
A Woman’s Eye: Women Photographing Women
Homeland Nina Berman
Marine Wedding Nina Berman
Byker Revisited Sirkka-Liisa Konttinen
City State John Davies (commission, at Lit & Phil, Newcastle upon Tyne)
Black Sea Vanessa Winship
Sweet Nothings Vanessa Winship

Women in Prison Jane Evelyn Atwood
Long Story Bit by Bit: Liberia Retold Tim Hetherington.
Fault Lines: Turkey East/West George Georgiou
Stateside: American Documentary from the Side Photographic Collection
Don’t Call Me Urban! The Time of Grime Simon Wheatley
Love Me Zed Nelson

Lodz Ghetto Album Henryk Ross
A Luta Continua: Protest Photography from the Side Photographic Collection.
Kanaval Leah Gordon
Fields of Vision: Landscapes from the Side Photographic Collection.
August Sander
John Heartfield
Burke + Norfolk Simon Norfolk and John Burke

Pentti Sammallahti Curated by Dean Chapman
Arab Spring: Egypt & Libya Guy Martin & Ivor Prickett.
The National Womb: Baby Boom in Nagorno Karabakh Anastasia Taylor-Lind
Veiled Rebellion Lynsey Addario
Martine Franck & Henri Cartier Bresson (commissioned & donated)
The Photobus Project Daniel Meadows

Tsunami: Archaeology of a Disaster Dean Chapman
Welcome Aboard Patrice Terraz
True/Grit: Representation and the North.
Street Life Instantaneous Edgar Lee
We Are All Brothers Here Paul Alexander Knox
Stay Where There Are Songs Ciara Leeming

All That Falls Mark Power, Paul Lowe, Jindrich Streit and Dana Kyndrova,
Urban Dreams / City State John Davies (commissioned)
LEGACY: Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, & The Caucasus George Georgiou, Lucia Ganieva, Mila Teshaieva, Rafal Milach, Justyna Mielnikiewicz, Donald Weber, Olga Kravets, Maria Morina, Oksana Yushko, Alexander Chekmenev. Curated by George Georgiou
War Work: Photographs from the Vickers Archive
Reflections on Hiroshima Hiromi Tsuschida
Confrontier Kai Wiedenhöfer

From the end of December 2014 to October 2016, Side Gallery was closed for redevelopment funded by Heritage Lottery and Arts Council England. In 2015, For Ever Amber, a major retrospective of the AmberSide Collection was developed for and exhibited at Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne.

Childhoods Wendy Ewald, Tish Murtha, Sirkka-Liisa Konttinen, Chris Killip, Lesley McIntyre, Dean Chapman, Duco Tellegen, Karen Robinson, Julian Germain, James Mollison, Kai Wiedenhöfer, Liz Hingley (includes Amber production and commissioning)

Home – photographs by young people at risk of homelessness (Amber education project)

Detroit Unbroken – Dave Jordano.
The Prospect of Immortality – Murray Ballard
Under Gods – Liz Hingley
The Coal Coast / Song for Billy – Sirkka-Liisa Konttinen and Amber Films (Amber production)
Shipbuilding on the Tyne / The Art of Shipbuilding – Bruce Rae and Amber Films (commission and Amber production)
A Choice of Weapons – Gordon Parks

You, Me and Autism – Colin Potsig
We Are the Legionnaires – Carville Primary School and ex-members of the Rising Sun Legionnaires juvenile jazz band (Amber education project)
The Tailors of Port-au-Prince – Leah Gordon
Rock Against Racism – Syd Shelton


Looking for Lenin – Neils Ackermann.
The Winners – Rafal Milach.
Suturing the City – Sammy Baloji & Filip De Boeck.
About the North: Imagined Dialogues – Ian Berry, Peter Bialobrzeski, Bill Brandt, Tessa Bunney, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Dean Chapman, Mik Critchlow, Alex Currie, John Davies, Martine Franck, Peter Fryer, Julian Germain, Ken Grant, Richard Grassick, Nick Hedges, Chris Killip, Isabella Jedrzejczyk, Sirkka-Liisa Konttinen, Ian Macdoland, Daniel Meadows, Tish Murtha, Simon Norfolk, Martin Parr, Keith Pattison, Bruce Rae, Simon Roberts, Ja`mes Sebright, Graham Smith, Chris Steele-Perkins, Jindrich Streit, Paul Trevor, Vanessa Winship, Tom Wood.
The Inner Eye: Aspects of Documentary Photography in the GDR – Arno Fischer, Roger Melis, Ute Mahler, Gerd Danigel, Harf Zimmermann, Sibylle Bergemann, Harald Hauswald, Eva Mahn, Ulrich Wüst, Kurt Buchwald, Matthias Leupold, Gundula Schulze Eldowy, Werner Mahler.

Photographs of Tyneside – Harry Morrison
Blast Beach – Roger Coulam
Photographs by T Dan Smith
The Inner Eye: Aspects of Documentary Photography in the GDR


Small Town Inertia – J A Mortram (January – March)
Forest – Yan Wang Preston (April – June)
Ex-Voto – Alys Tomlinson (April – June)
Work & Workers – AmberSide Collection Exhibition Manuel Alvarez Bravo, Nicholas Battye, Martin Chambi, Dean Chapman, Mik Critchlow, John Davies, Aidan Doyle, Walker Evans, Peter Fryer, Julian Germain, Richard Grassick, John Harris, Tommy Harris, Nick Hedges, Larry Herman, Lewis Hine, James Jarche, Izabela Jedrzejczyk, Chris Killip, John Kippin, Sirkka-Liisa Konttinen, Russell Lee, David Lurie, Daniel Meadows, Harry Morrison, Tish Murtha, Simon Norfolk, William Parry, Keith Pattison, Bruce Rae, Marc Riboud, James Sebright, Graham Smith, Humphrey Spender, Chris Steele-Perkins, John Sturrock, Laszlo Torday, Paul Trevor, Marja Vuorelainen, Weegee. Ashington Coal Company, Building the Tyne Bridge (Dorman Long), Tynemouth North Pier, Vickers-Armstrong Archive, Wills Archive (John Maltby). (June – Sept)
End of the Caliphate – Ivor Prickett (Sept – Dec)

Hard Times – Images from the AmberSide archive. (Jan – Mar)
Portrait of an Invisible Illness II – Juliet Chenery-Robson (Apr – May)
Jason & Victoria : Disability And Partnership – An Observation By Josefin Bengtsson (May – June)
Work & Workers – AmberSide Collection Exhibition (June – Sept)
Seeking Shelter – Ivor Prickett (Sept – Dec)


Waiting for Winter – Rena Effendi (January 11th – 5th April)
Otherwise Unseen  – Tessa Bunney (January 11th – 5th April)


Family, Food and Community: The Pennywell Project – Amber Education project
Shipbuilding on the Tyne – Carville Primary School (Amber Education project)

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