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Amber’s work captures the experience from the epic locations of shipbuilding and coal to the forgotten drift mines and brickworks. Crucially the work captures it in the communities – from the terraced streets of Byker to the flawed and visionary Byker Wall Estate that replaced it; Travelling communities, fishing communities, mining communities; the texture of people’s lives; particular experiences that speak to the wider world.

The AmberSide Trust is a charity so we rely on your support to secure the AmberSide Collection and support our valuable work in the community.

These are just some of the reasons to support AmberSide Trust:

50 Years of Amber (10 mins)an introduction to AmberSide

So Side Gallery, one of the best-loved photography venues in the country, can programme ambitious exhibitions that reflect a revolution in documentary, rooted in the rapidly changing technologies of still & moving image capture and distribution

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So Side Cinema our intimate, 51 seat cinema, can continue to be a place for rigorous discussion and provide opportunity to experience documentary film collectively

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So The AmberSide Collection can be conserved by our Archivist for future generations and so that we can make accessible the thousands of photographs and films documenting the North East of England which are yet to be digitised – including 500 of Sirkka-Liisa Konttinen’s images that have never been seen by the public

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So Amber’s Learning & Participation Programme can work work with hundreds of children, young people and their local communities in towns, villages and schools across the North East

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So Amber’s ‘Living Archive’ can support new production and commissioning that will tell the stories of today that will continue to resonate for the next fifty years

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