Commissioning Fund

Committed to supporting the Collection, AmberSide Trust is excited to announce the launch of a new fund we are growing to support the production and commissioning that will tell the stories of today that will continue to resonate for the next fifty years.

Whole families were part of the shipyard. In South Shields my mother’s family worked on Middle Docks, my father’s at Redheads, an uncle’s at Brighams. There is now no evidence apart from death certificates and photographs. The importance of Side Gallery and Amber is massive” @GrahamMaughan1

We would like to commission three photographers in 2020 to document our changing region to do that we need help from you. This fund will be supported by individual donations and, vitally, through regular donations via our New Works Patron Scheme.

As a Patron your monthly donation will directly support documentary photographers to create new work as a part of growing Amber’s ‘Living Archive.’ As a thank you for your support our Patrons will enjoy a variety of benefits, including opportunities to view the commission and engage in dialogue about the work.

The Commissioning Board of committed Photographers and Creatives will select a Photographer to create a new documentary project to become part of the Amber Collection. Our community of dedicated visitors will also be able to directly support the commission by joining the Patrons.

Together we can grow the fund to reflect our changing region and continue the legacy of AmberSide.

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