News From Durham (1983)

Amber Current Affairs Unit

A discussion ‘trigger tape’ and a fuller documentary exploring coalfield campaign concerns in the build-up to the Miners’ Strike of 1984.

Two videos were made, the trigger tape, News from Durham, which was used to generate discussions at meetings, and the full version, Where Are We Going, which can also be seen here. The videos combine footage of the 100th Durham Miners’ Gala, held in September 1983, with extracts from a National Union of Mineworkers weekend school held two months later to raise the central issues. The weekend school was addressed by Arthur Scargill, Peter Heathfield, Huw Beynon and a number of lodge officials. The trigger tape News from Durham was a forerunner of the Workshop Movement’s Miners’ Campaign Tapes. The extensive source footage also available on this site also includes the rushes from the Miners’ Weekend School held in September 1984.

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