Why Support the Miners (1984)

Amber Current Affairs Unit

This video was a pilot for The Miners’ Campaign Tapes, which were then made by the Workshop Movement of independent filmmakers. Using the model of Amber’s News From Durham, it was developed as a ‘trigger tape’ to initiate, encourage and support discussion in trade union and community groups of the issues behind the Miners’ Strike and the experiences of the striking miners and their families.

Amber played a major role in the development and organisation of the Workshop Movement, which was supported by the agreement between ACTT (now BECTU), Channel 4, the BFI and the Regional Arts Associations. The Miners’ Campaign Tapes were co-ordinated, developed and produced by a collaboration within the Workshop Movement and Amber also contributed to that series of 6 trigger tapes.

Amber Current Affairs Unit, 10 mins, 1984

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