The Russians

Dana Kyndrova

An exploration by the Czech photographer taken before and after the collapse of the Eastern bloc and the Soviet Union, 1980s and early 1990s.

A Czech writer on what was thought of as ‘The Russian Question’ said, ‘It is said that to be a Russian is a fatal curse. That since time immemorial it means to be stigmatised with a peculiar inner sadness, being unhappy at home as well as abroad. The Russian is an eternal runner searching for the fulfilment of unrealisable desires.’ Dana Kyndrova pursued the project for more than ten years, initially feeling she had to declare her freedom, critically to examine social control, crowd manipulation and other aspects of the regime, while Czechoslovakia was part of the Soviet bloc Her unfolding story is one of tragedy for a people once despised in the wake of the 1968 invasion, then rejected by those who were increasingly identifying with the West.

All images © Dana Kyndrova

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