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THE SCAR Amber Films, 114 mins, 1997

The first film in Amber’s coalfield trilogy, exploring women’s lives in the aftermath of the last colliery closures in East Durham. We will be joined by Amber filmmakers along with actress Charlie Hardwick and Easington community activist Heather Wood with whom the story was created.

 Rooted in the relationships Amber made in the coalfield in the early 80s, the film drew on the participation of a number of the women involved in the Support Groups during the Miners’ Strike. Like many of these, the fictional May Murton (Charlie Hardwick) feels like she has been left to clean up the mess: the failure of a marriage, community disintegration and teenage children (Darren Bell and Katja Roberts) increasingly out of control. Her estranged husband (Brian Hogg) has taken up residence in the allotments. At a dance, the night before the Durham Miners’ Gala, she meets the manager of an open cast coal mine (Bill Speed) … Like Father (2001), the second film in the trilogy explores male experience. Shooting Magpies (2005), the third, looks at the post-industrial generation and the impacts of heroin in the colliery villages of East Durham.


We may be distanced but we can still come together digitally to share films. We are very excited to share with you five Amber films that look at the world differently, highlighting community and collective resolve. We have curated a season drawn from our collective works including films grown from our 50 year relationship in Byker, Newcastle to our decades long conversations with East Germany, County Durham and beyond.

We are looking forward to watching each film with you and then facilitating a conversation afterwards featuring Amber filmmakers and members of the communities who worked with us on each project. 

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Fri 15 May 2020


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