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Entertainers at Sammy's-on-the-Bowery, 1944-45.

Bowery Savings Bank, Weegee, 1944
from AmberSide’s Weegee Collection

Supporting our work

Set up in 2015, out trust secures the AmberSide and raises money to support:


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What’s so special about this collection?

Amber Film & Photography Collective has been documenting working class and marginalised lives and landscapes in NE England since 1968. It has commissioned and collected work since 1977 when it opened Side Gallery. In 2011, Amber’s films and the photographs of collective member Sirkka-Liisa Konttinen were inscribed in UNESCO UK’s Memory of the World register. But the collection is much more than this: with over 20,000 photographs, 100 films, 10,000 slides, it is a unique and extraordinary network of interlinked stories, which has involved some of the world’s finest documentary artists.

Find out more: explore this website or watch this 11 minute video!

Amber 4 Ever (11 mins)an introduction to the AmberSide Collection

Why now?

2017 sees the 40th anniversary of Side Gallery. 2018 sees Amber’s 50th.

The group is transforming its operation. With support from Heritage Lottery Fund, Arts Council England, Paul Hamlyn Foundation and Struan Foundation, Amber has:

  • Redeveloped Side Gallery, which is now fully accessible, with a study centre, a library and enhanced exhibition space
  • Redeveloped housing for the AmberSide Collection, embarked on a major new programme of digitisation and digital access
  • Built a thriving volunteer programme
  • Worked in schools and communities, using the inspiration of the collection and introducing practical film and photography skills

This is an exciting time at Amber / Side, with staff, volunteers and collaborators busy doing things that might not have seemed possible 5 years ago. Audiences are growing all the time. There has been a massive expansion in the work with communities, many of whose stories are held in the AmberSide Collection. The money you are able to give will really help.

  • Thousands of photographs and films documenting the North East of England have not been digitized – including 500 of Sirkka-Liisa Konttinen’s images that have never been seen by the public
  • Amber’s Learning and Participation team has worked with hundreds of children, young people and their local communities in towns, villages and schools across the North East – we want to continue the work and reach even more
  • Side Gallery, one of the best-loved photography venues in the country, is programming ambitious exhibitions that reflect the revolution in documentary as the technologies of still & moving image capture and distribution
  • It is developing educational opportunities in the gallery and the 50 seat Side Cinema
  • The Collection is a living archive – we want to support the new production and commissioning that will tell the stories of today that will continue to resonate for the next fifty years

We need your help to capitalise on these opportunities, take the plans forward, build the approaches that will continue to sustain the Collection and all of its rich and growing future possibilities.

How can you help?

In lots of ways! Your support really matters to us.

  • Make a donation – as a charity, we’ll also benefit from the tax relief
  • Make a regular monthly or annual donation – direct debit forms are available at the gallery
  • Leave a legacy to AmberSide Trust in your will – you may outlast some of the collective, but the collection will still be here!

If there are particular areas you’d like to support, tell us: we’re keen to make sure your donation goes towards the things you care about. Maybe there are other ways you could help – let us know. Spread the word. Come to Amber / Side events and talk to us.


Kate Siou, AmberSide Trust

c/o Amber Film & Photography Collective, 5-9 Side, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 3JE

Tel: 0191 232 2000


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Support Amber

Collection • Gallery • Access • Education • Production