Easington: August 1984

Keith Pattison

A portrait of the East Durham colliery village under police siege, at the height of the Miners’ Strike. Pattison continued the documentation and published it as No Redemption in 2010.

Pattison secured funding from Artists’ Agency (now Helix Arts) to do a month long photographic residency in the East Durham colliery village of Easington, when the temperature of the Miners’ Strike was a raised by the return to work there of Paul Wilkinson. The images have become iconic, influencing many visualisations of the strike.
Side Gallery purchased a set of prints and toured them extensively during the strike. Huw Beynon wrote the text for a booklet of Pattison’s photographs, published by AmberSide and distributed during the Strike.

All images © Keith Pattison

Huw Beynon Text

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