Sadler Story (1985)

Amber Current Affairs Unit

Tyneside socialist Jack Sadler was a lifelong pacifist, imprisoned as a conscientious objector in World Wars I and II.

Between the wars he helped organise a number of pacifist initiatives on Tyneside, as the world moved rapidly from a shaky armistice in 1918 and a period of hope through the League of Nations, to localised wars and eventually World War II. The programme explores the peace movement to which Jack Sadler devoted his life, through his daughter Dorothy, who joined her father in opposing all forms of war in the 1930s as Hitler began his conquest of Europe. Jack Sadler’s legacy was a pacifism that held out socialism as the hope of the world, and preached a Christianity that was bitterly opposed to the Church establishment. In the 1980s Amber interviewed a number of people active in Tyneside’s Left in the 20s, 30s and 40s – these can be accessed here and via the T Dan Smith and No Pasaran pages.

Amber Current Affairs Unit, 1985, 23 mins

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